Interior Design Services

Meredith Bohn Interior Design provides full service interior design services for both residential and small commercial environments, encompassing all facets of the design process from concept development through sourcing and procurement, final installation and styling.

Conceptual Design ♦ Space Planning ♦ Architectural and Millwork Design

Complete Interior Furnishing & Decoration

Furniture & Fabric Specifications ♦ Interior Fixture & Finish Selection ♦ Cabinetry Design

Lighting, Electrical & Plumbing Design Specifications

Furniture & Accessory Sourcing & Procurement ♦ Artwork & Antique Procurement

Custom Furniture, Window Treatment, Rug & Accessory Design

Finish Styling & Restyling

Meredith Bohn Interior Design  provides 4 service programs designed with the client’s goals in mind.  Each service provides expert design concepts and assistance depending on your needs and the size and range of the project.

Home Consultation ♠ Color Consultation

Home Consultation

For the client that is not sure where to begin or the direction you wish to take, generally a short consultation will be all the assistance you need.  On a Home Consultation, Meredith will provide an expert design eye to help you sort through the questions and details so you will be able to start your project with confidence and a clear plan.  We will openly share ideas and concepts during a 2-hour brainstorming session.  We will answer your specific questions and offer feedback on the direction of your design project, regardless of size.  If you are further along in the process and you are feeling unsure of the direction or next steps, or you would like assistance selecting specific colors or materials such as tile, countertops, etc. we can help you pull everything together and allow you to move forward with confidence.  If you are strictly looking for design assistance with paint colors then the Color Consultation is for you.

Color Consultation

Whether in a new home, or a well-established residence – choosing  paint colors can be a daunting experience.  We  will assess your home including lighting, furnishings and artwork, and present a color plan for 1 room, a series of rooms, or the whole house.  If you are in the midst of construction or renovation, a color plan can help you avoid costly miss-steps, thus avoiding frustration, and saving both time and money.

The investment for either of these 2-hour consultations is $500

Construction or Renovation Specifications

A stunning new home, or a smaller renovation such as a new kitchen or bath, starts with decisions and selections made during the construction or renovation.  With this service, Meredith offers you guidance and professional advice from the initial planning stage of the project through the complete construction.  This process involves specifications for paint colors, fixed elements such as cabinetry and millwork, lighting, and other materials such as tile or flooring.  Meredith works as your advocate with your builder, kitchen designer and other contractors to realize your vision.  The investment for each project consists of a flat design fee based on the size, complexity and type of room(s) or project.

Please call for a quote for these services

Designer for a Day

For the client that requires expert design assistance, but intends to do much of the actual work installing the design themselves, Meredith works one-on-one with you for up to 4 hours of focused design with a project or room(s) of your choosing.  This “VIP” day is your opportunity to get real answers and ideas that you can use to create your own beautiful home.  Meredith will give you personal solutions for all your design questions including; general floor plans and room arrangement, design direction for style and furnishings, answers for problem areas or issues you have been struggling with in any area of your project.  Meredith will provide specific direction and selections for your project and after your day of design consultation you will receive a summary of your consult, and an itemized punch list of all the recommendations and selections made for your room or project.  Your personal design summary will be in a presentation that is your tool to create the rooms or home of your dreams.

The investment for your Designer for a Day consultation is $1400

Full Service Design

Creating cohesive, beautiful homes or small commercial spaces is the goal for Full Service Design services from Meredith Bohn Interior Design.  We take care of every last detail from the beginning to the final installation of any size project-whether the completion of entire homes, groups of rooms, or a single room or office.  We will develop a complete design plan with multiple site visits and meetings with you and the approved plan will be implemented in multiple stages.  Any and all construction and architectural changes are made first followed by decorative treatments and, finally the installation of all furnishing elements.  The investment for this service consists of a flat design fee based on the size and complexity of the project in addition to a furnishings budget.  Meredith Bohn Interior Design will coordinate every step and every detail.

Please call for a quote for Full Service Design